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Making a Difference

We carried out this project with our friends; The Pollinators. The project was developed at the “Chicuchas Wasi” girls' school located in Molleray - San Sebastián - Cusco.

The location of the school does not allow them to have access to safe water, therefore our objective was to improve the quality of the water they consume, we started with the implementation of filters strategically located in the kitchen where the girls receive their food, and subsequent equipment was installed directly to the kitchen faucet, which helps in the preparation of food. At the end of the project we gave reusable bottles made of cane fiber to avoid the use of plastic bottles, it is about creating environmental awareness and the girls understood it very well! Our Project benefited 120 girls. The girls from the Chicuchas wasi school gave us many smiles and hugs! Here we share some images. Thank you Pollination project!

Cheering school kids 2.jpg


We are committed to transparency by reporting our impact on a project level.

The potential impact of our social business is far reaching. We have defined a variety of measurable factors over which we report.  The process to capture data is as much as possible standardized via remote monitoring devices and CRM tooling.  In addition, standardized surveys are used to capture additional quantitative and qualitative data. As a consequence, all data is consistently gathered at a client and overall level.

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