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Making a Difference

The benefited school is Conchacalla located half an hour from the district of San Jeronimo - Cusco.
For this Project we used a filtration equipment linked directly to the water pipe and conditioned with a tap so that the children can drink safe water when they want. Many of the children who go to this school have problems with anemia, parasites, etc. and the goal of this project is to help eliminate them, we know that with working together we will achieve this. Special thanks to the school principal for his support and to the parents. Besides smiles and hugs they gave us a great performance about the importance of water!



We are committed to transparency by reporting our impact on a project level.

The potential impact of our social business is far reaching. We have defined a variety of measurable factors over which we report.  The process to capture data is as much as possible standardized via remote monitoring devices and CRM tooling.  In addition, standardized surveys are used to capture additional quantitative and qualitative data. As a consequence, all data is consistently gathered at a client and overall level.

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