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Foundation Andez believes in a world where everyone has access to safe water. Safe drinking water and clean hands in all places are important components towards that objective. It is not enough, however, to give one-time access to the water or hygiene solution that he or she needs for immediate better health outcomes. An integrated approach comprised of partnerships, resellers and social impact capital is necessary to create change whereby beneficiaries learn the value of safe water & hygiene and become promoters for it throughout their whole lives. 
Our theory of change thus takes both the long view with a focus on sustainability, and a broad view, with a focus on scale, and social impact capital to create affordability. Foundation Andez believes that scale is achievable through the replication of our model by other actors (NGOs, Social Projects, Schools, Orphanages, etc), and that sustainability is best ensured through the local ownership of locally accessible solutions.



Making a Difference

  • Accessible solutions

  • Standardization

  • Customized payment plans

  • Direct implementation

  • Maintenance

  • Collaboration



Tackling the Issue

  • Safe water installations

  • Local ownership

  • Behavioral change

Cheering school kids 2.jpg


that count

  • Increased health

  • Economic growth

  • Local ownership

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