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Doing What’s Needed

We are faithful believers that teamwork is the best way to achieve our goal “Quality water for all”. Thanks to Help-Peru & Cedna we made this possible.
We worked together with Help-Peru and Cedna, using our water products and staff to implement and train the beneficiaries for the correct use of the water filters helping them to access safe drinking water. This project is aimed at families with children under the age of 5 years old with the aim of reducing the rates of anemia, malnutrition, parasites and other diseases caused by the poor quality of the water they consume. To date we are extremely happy with the results, the project works and we thank Help-Peru & Cedna for trusting us!

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We are committed to transparency by reporting our impact on a project level.

The potential impact of our social business is far reaching. We have defined a variety of measurable factors over which we report.  The process to capture data is as much as possible standardized via remote monitoring devices and CRM tooling.  In addition, standardized surveys are used to capture additional quantitative and qualitative data. As a consequence, all data is consistently gathered at a client and overall level.

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